Holding in my Fist

Stubborn, unflinching slacking departure!

Life, framed in time not frozen to rupture.

These few moments.

                                                               Unbounded in the sickle of time:

Let the air to be in its mood,

A celebration time;



Clairvoyant in regression not to be.


Fleeting moments  impregnated with memories

begets a trance,

Holding in my fist I remain,

not to bran.

Perhaps ‘obscenity’ in union…..!

An exception for me, the fulfilment

is this sanity.

An influx into the 21st Century

An influx into the 21st Century

“‘Hark! Herald the angles sing’
To the ongoing tech development
‘Hark! Herald the angles sing’
To click, click, click.”

Life, in the 21st Century is modified and is in a phase of transition to a more flexible way of being where things are reached out in an easy way. Typically, it is in a state of metamorphosis from simple, rigid, social structure to more scientifically lubricated human society with the influx of creativity in knowledge system.

The world is a global village and is shrinking to a tennis ball. It is quite intriguing to ponder upon the fact that the difference in geography is met just at the fingertips that enables the earth to be a tennis ball. The contribution to it is greatly by the internet and computer networking.

Isaac Asimov in the “The Fun They Had” presented the story of the then future schools which is unconsciously materialised in the ongoing pandemic era of Novel Coronavirus. The transition of educational sector from physical classroom teaching to the online mode of classroom transaction is a replication of the theme of the story.

The influx into the 21st Century has unwrapped many obstacles or hurdles in fulfilling the set aims for any kind of task. However, it is not without any solutions to it. In the broad perspective the Socio-economic-religious-political spheres of life has been in the sprawl of change due to the internet and computer networking.
Let me quickly navigate the areas those have been influenced by internet and networking:

Knowledge system: The ability and the process to assimilate knowledge is more important than the amount of knowledge retained in a person. Google search engine is a giant reservoir of information that allows any to access the pool of information sought. It tells that the knowledge system is a contribution of information by individuals stored in a bank that is readily available at one click through the use of internet.

Research: Internet though invented in the later part of the 20th Century rose to the impetus only in the 21st century. With the passing of just 20 decades the use of internet and network is immense leading to many more discoveries and inventions. The field of research is in the rise with the optimum use of technology. Ability to collect and transfer data has enabled the field of research more reliable. Why not? The use of Artificial Intelligence has brought in more accuracy into research that validates the findings.

Commerce and Business: Network and Internet has brought a change in the field of commerce and business very well known as e-commerce. Myriad of shopping platform has come into existence that allows consumer umpteen opportunities to get different products. Entrepreneurship and self- employment has rose allowing many an individual start business. Not to forget the option of ‘home delivery’ too made buying of products easy.

Education: Traditional method of teaching-learning has undergone into a modification leading to blended learning, online teaching: asynchronous learning and synchronous learning. It has enabled flexibility in the learning process. Multiple options of pursuing online courses are available for continuation of studies, like ‘Swayam’ an initiative by MHRD, India.

Health: The health system with internet and network has upgraded and facilitated for the common mass to avail the benefits of different schemes taken up by the government. The apps like telemedicine: ‘Aapka mitra’ has enabled the rise of generic medicines. Another example is ‘Arugyo Setu’ that helps to scan a person’s exposure to the coronavirus infection.

Human Communication: No longer is the world set apart in distance which was a great hindrance in establishing proper communication with people. With internet facility the set apart places have become global village. Social media plays an important role in facilitating communication with one another. Chat rooms, audio-video calls, group calls etc. have led all people participate in exchange of thoughts or ideas in a more reliable way.

The digital fluency and techno-savvy is actually the need of hour. Let me conclude by referring to Darwinian’s phrase ‘survival of the fittest’: those immune to adaptation of the changing environment will eventually have to perish. This is the natural law. However, one should not forget the precautions necessary to take while using internet as it is sensitive for malicious attacks. Cyber security Hence, it is generally accepted that as we move into future in a fast moving train where the engine is ladened with upgraded technology, in the next decade itself, use of network and internet will govern every part of life. It is better to be prepared than late.

Provocation of the self

I find my reflection on the mirror,

Standing; an eye to eye, entrust me

Confidence in undressing the cloth that wrap my feeble body.

The sight of my bare back with the hair

that tickles the earlobes mesmerizes to inhale the breath of my skin.


Provocation of the self


It is then my hands wishes to run on thou body and

Fondle those tips of the raised bosom with care.

The unwrapping unfolds the beauty sunk by the naval.

The mind withstanding these, feels jealous to see thy back and

Passes thy order to feel be a scarlet.

The image I can’t see but projected a back that eagerly awaits

to be fiddled and explored.


Oh this beauty! where was it hidden?

Thy silly cloth!


The curves of the waist saw the hair being stroked with the slender fingers

and asked them to run down the bumpy flesh,

And make thy ways to the mostly awaited corridors of the desperate vagina.

Those then rolled over and found

the lubricating passage that wants the

fulfillment of ecstasy.

I turned into the mirror and asked my reflection,

“Is this the beer goggle culminate into?”

it replied in a comforting manner that

it was the love that it brewed of the heart but not of the flesh.